WFC co-owner Reyna plays on supporters team

Brandon Wang (Mafia co-founder), Javier Reyna (WFC co-owner, center) and Ian Stephens (Mafia co-founder.) (Facebook)

WENATCHEE, WA— Javier Reyna helped found Wenatchee FC of the Evergreen Premier League back in 2013. In their first season of play the club saw a supporters group rise up to follow them. The Bridge Mafia has grown each season since then. Now the supporters group is fielding an indoor soccer team, and WFC co-owner Reyna has joined them on the pitch.

Bridge Mafia indoor soccer team, featuring Wenatchee FC co-owner Javier Reyna (fourth from right, back row.) (Facebook)

The Bridge Mafia are playing in a Co-Ed league at the Wenatchee Valley Sportsplex. They recently got t-shirts / uniforms sponsored by Arroyo Accounting. While helping Wenatchee FC build a tradition in the Valley the Mafia are starting indoor traditions of their own.

The Evergreen Premier League was founded with the motto “Our State, Our Clubs, Our Culture.” In the short time since 2013 Wenatchee now has its own club, and is seeing soccer culture take root right alongside all of those beautiful apple trees.


Bridge Mafia shirt modeled by Ian Stephens. (Facebook)
Mafia scarf overseas held high by Elias Lopez, Bridge Mafia co-founder.